Cotton Rag Sketchbook: velvet or silk ribbon, 2 sizes

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A special edition of the popular Wabi Sabi Cotton Rag Sketchbooks, but bound with luxurious velvet and silk ribbons.

These unusual Sketchbooks are bound in the French Linkstitch style, a binding usually reserved for bookblocks that will be cased-in. However, this sketchbook is left coverless to showcase the beauty of its binding and materials. Bound by hand with traditional bookbinding skills, the exposed spine binding allows the pages to lie flat on a surface for easy use, whether you prefer watercolours, ink, pencil, stitching on paper or mixed media collage.

The cotton rag paper is 210gsm and is handmade from textile industry offcuts. The result is a sustainable paper that's luxuriously tactile, with traditional deckle edges. The pages are acid-free and gelatine sized and will also turn 360 degrees if you'd like to display your sketchbook standing up. When not in use, the beautiful ribbon keeps your book securely closed (and the ribbon is secured to the book by the spine stitching, so you don't need to worry about it getting lost!).

A5 medium Red Velvet: 21 x 15 cm / 8.25 x 6 inches, 80 pages
A6 small Green Velvet or Pinky-Red Silk: 15 x 10.5 cm / 6 x 4.25 inches, 64 pages

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ALTERNATIVES: Wabi Sabi Sketchbook with linen ribbon

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