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NEW: A4 Portrait Format Leather Books

October 10, 2016

Large A4 Leather Books

The most popular size is now available in Portrait format across the whole range of leather books. Although the same size as Landscape, a Portrait format book feels larger, thanks to the greater page height and yet more manageable, because once open to a double page spread it takes up less space on a table, lap or work bench.

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Christmas Gifts & Last Order Dates

October 10, 2016

Last Order Dates for Christmas Gifts of hand made leather books I ship worldwide, insurance is included and a signature on delivery is required for extra peace of mind. The Ready To Ship Collection is updated weekly with new products and is ideal for those in a hurry to organise their gifts. Please order Bespoke books as early as possible.

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Customer Service: Size Guide

October 03, 2016

Size Guide Large, Medium, Small Memory Books

I've just introduced a Size Guide with full dimensions and pagination for each style of book I offer, to help you select the right one for you. Non-A sized books are available on request, as are a greater or lesser number of pages. 

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Popular Now: Miniature Journals

August 25, 2016

Shop Mini Journals Hand Made in Organic Leather

Mini Journals have been very popular this month, perhaps there have been a lot of summer birthdays, or maybe because it’s the height of wedding season. They really are sweet little gifts, but the kind that you want to keep around, a gift you can use and admire after the event, not something that will get lost in the back of *that* drawer.

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Size Guide
Memory Books, Guest Books, Condolence Books, Journals and Sketchbooks

All dimensions indicate external dimensions of the closed book. Memory Books have 128 pages of heavy cartridge paper; Guest Books, Journals & Sketchbooks have 192 pages of cartridge paper, counted all sides. 'Slim' books have 96 pages. Pagination can be adjusted a little for bespoke books.

A4 Large Portrait 12 inches or 305 mm 8.5 inches or 215 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A4 Large Landscape 8.5 inches or 215 mm 12 inches or 305 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A5 Medium Landscape 6 inches or 155 mm 8.5 inches or 215 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A5 Medium Portrait 8.5 inches or 215 mm 6 inches or 155 mm 1.5 inches or 35 mm
A6 Small Landscape 4.5 inches or 114 mm 6 inches or 155 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A6 Small Portrait 6 inches or 155 mm 4.5 inches or 114 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
Miniature Journals

104 pages of 100gsm paper

 One Size 3 inches or 76 mm 2.25 inches or 60 mm 20 mm or 0.75 inches
Simple Wrap Journals

60 pages of 130 gsm paper

 One Size 6 inches or 148 mm approx.  4.5 inches or 108 mm approx. 20 mm or 0.75 inches
Paperback Notebooks
 A4 Large 297 mm or 11.5 inches approx. 205mm or 8.25 inches approx. 56 pages
A5 Medium 210 mm or 5.75 inches approx. 145 mm or 5.75 inches approx. 48 pages
A6 Small  150 mm or 6 inches approx. 100 mm or 4 inches approx. 40 pages
Accordion Books

8 pages of heavy cartridge paper

A5 Medium Portrait TBC
A6 Small Landscape