10 Mini Leather Journal Gift Ideas - from national holidays to personal celebrations

by Susan Green September 30, 2020

Mini Leather Journals: little notebook gifts for Christmas stockings and Mother's Day.

Mini Journals make a welcome return in favourite colourways, plus gift ideas from their fans!

Miniature Journals were one of the first items I launched my bookbinding business with back in 2008 and since then they've made their way into several magazine features (thanks especially to Country Living!, Hello and the Sunday Telegraph) and lots of people's hearts.

I make them with offuts from my larger leather books, to minimise waste of this natural resource. A couple of years ago I introduced a Vegan Mini Journal, bound in beautiful cork. Recently I've updated the Miniature Journal collection with some old favourite colourways, including zesty fresh Peach & Lemon to jewel-like Emerald & Peach. I took some time to look over the feedback people have left for their Mini Journals over the years and I thought it would be a good idea to collate all their ideas here to give you a little gift inspiration.

1. Christmas stockings

Nuts, satsuma, chocolate, soap, socks? Check! But what else? How about a finely hand crafted Mini Journal that tucks into a pocket just as easily as it does a Christmas stocking? 

"This size is perfect for those people who like having an actual notebook with them but don’t want a full-sized one. It fits into a back pocket no problems." - Erica

Mini Leather Journal / Notebook or Sketchbook Christmas Stocking gift ideas under £20

2. The (dreaded) office Secret Santa

You've got a £20 budget and you're SO BORED of the usual high street *ahem* stuff, am I right? Problem solved (and under budget).

“The Miniature Journals are more special than I imagined. Thank you so much!  I'm passing along a few to my co-workers..." - Hope, Ohio USA

Mini Leather Journal fits in the palm of your hand
3. Homemade Christmas crackers: get crafty!

This one's for the craft aficianados out there! When you're making your cracker, bear in mind that my Miniature Journals measure 76 x 60mm and are about 25mm deep. The Mini Journal could be the 'main' gift and you could fill the rest of the space with sweet treats and candy in similar colours.

"Bought to go in my wife's Christmas cracker. A lovely little gift." - Paul, Stockport UK

 Mini Leather Journal: Emerald and Peach homemade Christmas cracker gift idea

4. Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally, your third wedding anniversary demands a leather gift. Belts, handbags, fancy luggage... a bit expensive? I don't know about you, but by our third wedding anniversary we were using most of our spare cash to pay the plumber and assorted other bills.

This special edition Mini Journal says it all without blowing your understandably modest budget. And it's a useful gift, too perfect for little jottings as your loved one goes about their day.

"I keep it in my bag so I can capture sketches / ideas for new pieces when I'm out. So handy and just lovely to use."  - Regina, Dublin, Ireland

Miniature Journal Third (leather) Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea under 20
5. Gift hampers.

The Sunday Telegraph suggested my Mini Leather Journals as an addition to a non-traditional hamper - and who am I to argue? Afterall, who knows when the muse will strike - perhaps even at your next picnic!

"Adorable!! Love it. Perfect size for carrying around and tracking daily activity patterns." - Jishen, California, USA

Miniature Leather Journal: Peach and Grey notebook gift
6. Leaving for University or College

Elizabeth Stone wrote that to have a child is "to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body". Well, let your child (whatever their age) know that you carry their heart in yours and that you'll always be there for them, wherever they walk, with the Gold Love Hearts Mini Journal.

"I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the mini journal...it arrived this morning and I’ve already given it to my daughter! She absolutely adores it! It’s beautiful and I’m sure she will treasure it always." - Jane, Cornwall UK

Mini Leather Journal Sweet Sixteen gift for daughter with e e cummings poem i carry your heart
8. Mother's Day

Why is the date of Mother's Day so hard to remember? It's not just you - it's everybody. Firstly, the date differs between countries.

In the USA, Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday in May, which is May 9th in 2021 and May 8th in 2022. And in France, it's observed on the last Sunday in May (unless that also happens to be Whit Sunday, in which case Mothers' Day is moved to the first Sunday in June).

Secondly - in the UK, at least - Mother's Day does not happen on the same date every year. Like Easter, it's a 'movable feast' and occurs on the 4th Sunday in Lent, which is three weeks before Easter. So in 2021 Mother's Day in the UK - also known as Mothering Sunday - falls on the 14th of March and in 2022 it's on the 27th of March.

And knowing all that makes you the most organised offspring in the world!

“Wow, what a lovely tiny book… delightful work.” - Marrije, Utrecht Netherlands
Mini Leather Journal: Mother's Day gifts under £20
8. Father's Day

Grey & Teal or Grey & Peach are the most popular colours for Father's Day which falls on the third Sunday in June, whatever country you live in (so that's the 20th of June in 2021 and the 19th in 2022).

"Absolutely perfect, it fits beautifully in the pockets of my uniform and it's adorable and it has enough paper to hold all my notes! Truly a great buy if you need to have a notebook dedicated to a single purpose." - John, San Diego USA

Miniature Leather Journal: Father's Day Gift Idea under £20
9. Valentine's Day

Forget the chocolate and the flowers. Actually, we like those too. But wouldn't it be good to give something that a lot of thought and care has gone into? That Mini Leather Journal with hand-embosed gold hearts is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day, too.

 “The Mini Journals are absolutely lovely and I am very pleased with them… they will make lovely little gifts.” - Anne, West Sussex

Mini Leather Journal with gold love hearts, handmade Valentine's Day gift
10. Gifts for Vegans

Don't worry, I have not forgotten about offering vegan options! Take a look at my Cork Miniature Journals in pretty pastels and earthy tones. Cork is a naturally vegan, renewable and sustainable natural resource and it's oh, so soft to handle.

"It’s been with me all over the place! I love the fact it’s vegan leather, yet holds up brilliantly to everything I’ve put it through." Erica

Cork Vegan Miniature Journal: sustainable ethical notebook gift

A word of warning

You might need to buy one to keep as well as one to give!

“I bought it for someone else but think I’m going to keep it!” - Gretchen, Bondues, France

Mini Leather Journal in Red / Pink Secret Santa gift under £20

Browse the full Miniature Journal Collection here and if you're using your little Bound by Hand notebooks in a way I haven't thought of please get in touch because I'd love to know!

+44 (0)7748 759371

Susan Green
Susan Green


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