NEW: Square Accordion Sketchbook Sets

by Susan Green October 24, 2018

Square Accordion Sketchbook Sets: folded concertina books for drawing, writing, journalling

Panoramic Accordion Sketchbook Sets are now available in square format. 

Call me an Insta addict, tell me I only see life in squares, but I know I'm not alone! I recently realised it was high time I made my popular Accordion Sketchbook Sets available in square format (and I wondered why I hadn't done so before). 

In the same dreamy colourways - Soft, Natural, Spring - and with the same Mohawk paper and pastel covers, at the same price of £15 for a set of 3, the new Square format will appeal to artists on the move. They're compact to tuck into your bag, but expand into a panoramic form four times its original width. 

Each page measures 132 x 132 mm, there are 4 pages at the front, and 4 at the back, and expand to a total length of 528 mm. The pages are sewn to the paperback covers with a simple stitch in linen thread.

Square Accordion Sketchbook Sets

Ideas for using Accordion Books

As well as being great travel sketchbooks for landscapes and visual storytelling, these Accordion books also make for simple but effective photo albums. They're a particularly striking way of combining images and text; take a look at how photographer Robin Hutt made use of my Accordion Sketchbooks to beautiful effect: 

Image Copyright Robin Hutt, 2015

Image copyright and by kind permission of Robin Hutt, 2015

"I love your Accordion Sketchbooks because of their simplicity, the quality of the paper and their understated stylishness.... They are really helping me refine my ideas for this exhibition" Robin Hutt

One book, many names

You may known the Accordion book form as the Concertina or Zig-Zag. Both refer to the same book form - a folded style with pages stacked alongside or on top of each other. It’s pretty clear why they're called Accordions or Concertinas, after the musical instrument which expands and contracts in the player’s hands. 

But do you know the salacious story behind the other name for this book form, the Leporello? That term comes from the tale of the infamous Don Giovanni, particularly Mozart's opera of the same name. Don Giovanni's manservant wasn't shy about keeping his opinions about his master's lifestyle to himself. In fact, he chided Don Giovanni for leading a 'rotten life', full of infidelity and innumerable 'conquests'. 

In the Catalogue Aria in Act 1 of Mozart's opera, this manservant compiles a list ("il catalogo") of the thousands of women Don Giovanni has seduced. This list takes up so much space that the manservant, called Leporello, has to write it on a piece of paper folded on itself many times simply to make it a manageable size for him to handle. Unfurled to great effect in Mozart's opera, 'Leporello's List' has since lent an alternative name to folded books, brochures and other printed matter. 

Marco Vinco as Leporello
Leporello's List: Marco Vinco in Don Giovanni, San Fransico Opera 2011.

Image Copyright Cory Weaver

My Accordion Sketchbooks aren't quite as long as Leporello's List but, whether in the new square or the original portrait format, I hope you'll find them useful and enjoyable to use. For lists, or otherwise! You can find them here or shop using the button below. Longer Accordions can be made on request.

Susan Green
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Susan Green
Susan Green


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Size Guide

Use this Size Guide to check the dimensions of the books you're considering purchasing (dimensions are external and refer to the closed book unless otherwise indicated). If you'd like some guidance with selecting the correct size, feel free to contact Susan the bookbinder. You can email or call +44 (0)7748 759371

Leather Memory Books, Wedding Guest Books, Journals and Sketchbooks
A4 Large Portrait 12 inches or 305 mm 8.5 inches or 215 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A4 Large Landscape 8.5 inches or 215 mm 12 inches or 305 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A5 Medium Landscape 6 inches or 155 mm 8.5 inches or 215 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A5 Medium Portrait 8.5 inches or 215 mm 6 inches or 155 mm 1.5 inches or 35 mm
A6 Small Landscape 4.5 inches or 114 mm 6 inches or 155 mm 1 inch or 25 mm
A6 Small Portrait 6 inches or 155 mm 4.5 inches or 114 mm 1 inch or 25 mm


Miniature Journals
 One Size 3 inches or 76 mm 2.25 inches or 60 mm 20 mm or 0.75 inches


Marbled Notebooks
 A4 Large 297 mm or 11.5 inches approx. 205mm or 8.25 inches approx. 64 pages
A5 Medium 210 mm or 5.75 inches approx. 145 mm or 5.75 inches approx. 56 pages
A6 Small  150 mm or 6 inches approx. 100 mm or 4 inches approx. 48 pages
A7 Pocket 106 mm or 4.25 inches approx. 72 mm or 2.75 inches approx. 40 pages