Stab Stitch Sketchbook with recycled cotton rag watercolour paper

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These eco-friendly paperback sketchbooks are hand bound in traditional Japanese stab stitch styles in a variety of colours. They contain 28 pages (14 leaves) of medium-rough 210gsm handmade khadi paper. This paper is 100% recycled cotton rag from the textile industry, it's gelatine sized for ink and watercolour and features pronounced deckle edges.

The Sketchbooks are incredibly tactile and delightful to handle and embody the wabi-sabi aesthetic that embraces natural imperfections. They make great travel-sized sketchbooks for artists who prefer eco-friendly products.

- Simple in Tan or Light Blue
- Noble in Grey or Turquoise
- Hemp Leaf in Olive or Teal
- Tortoiseshell in Coral or Blue

      SIZE: A5 landscape approx. 148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.25 inches

      NOTES: Please note that these books embrace the natural variations of handmade paper; page size, surface and colour varies somewhat and their edges are heavily deckled (wavy and hand torn). Japanese stab stitch books are not lay-flat.

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