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Why not order a bespoke book to mark a special occasion or for a memorable gift? It's a popular option for Wedding Guest Books, Memory Books for anniversaries, scrapbooks and family albums; and Journals and Sketchbooks for birthdays and Christmas.

We'll work together to make your perfect book, including a dedication, quotation or similar on the title page and your perfect combination of leather and binding colours. You also choose the size and format that best suits your needs.

Memory Books

These fine leather scrapbooks are a brilliant way to collect mementoes from your adventures, to record family milestones or for use as a photo album. With 128 pages of heavyweight paper for all dry medium artwork, light wash and mixed media they are bound with spacers in the spine to allow for the extra thickness of your inclusions. Use with acid-free photo spray mount, photo corners, glue dots or washi tape.

Journal / Sketchbook

Ideal for daily use for taking notes, making sketches or keeping a diary. They have 224 pages of Mohawk Superfine Smooth plain white paper that is a dream to use with all writing instruments. 

Sketchbooks can alternatively be bound with specialist artist's papers on request, including watercolour and pastel papers, and a mix of types of paper.

Wedding Guest Book

An elegant addition to your wedding day, these books lie open on a table to collect your guests well wishes. These have 224 pages of Mohawk Superfine Smooth paper (a slim version with 112 pages is also available).

Quick click to your Bespoke options below, or just keep scrolling down.

Leather colours
Binding thread
Title pages

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke book.

Susan Green

+44 (0) 7748 759 371

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Bespoke Service: Leather

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Choose from three ranges of leather, all of a superlative quality and with distinctive characteristics.

Organic Goatskin: 26 contemporary colours for A5 Medium & A6 Small books.

This leather is warm to the touch and slightly glossy. Tanned only with natural vegetable materials, it is hand-polished to reveal the beauty of the natural grain goatskin. Best for journals which will be handled and kept on a desk, less suitable for travel journals unless you don't mind a few marks along the road (some like the lived in look!).

Colours from left to right:
Top row: Blue 11, Blue 12, Blue 13, Blue 14, Green 15, Green 16, Green 17, Beige 18
Second row: Orange 19, Scarlet 20, Crimson 21, Terracotta 22, Brown 23, Brown 24, Maroon 25
Third row: Tan 26, Green 27, Black 28, Purple 29, Yellow 30, Grey 31
Bottom row: Chocolate 32, Biscuit 33, Pink 34, Yellow 35, Brown 36

Glazed Goatskin: 13 natural colours for A5 Medium & A6 Small books. 

Similar to the organic goatskin, but with a slightly glazed finish which offers extra protection.

Colours left to right:
Top: Blue 409, Chocolate 420, Scarlet 205, Tan Brown 402, Green 200/3, Black, Maroon 213
Bottom: Crimson 405, Bright Green 407, Sea Blue 106, Bright Blue 425, Ginger Brown, 104, Chestnut Brown 102


Calfskin: 13 muted colours for A4 Large books.

This leather offers a weightier, natural feel with a distinctive grain and napped reverse and again is finished for extra protection. Colours from left to right:

Colours left to right:
Top: Oxblood, Crimson, Light Toffee Beige, Gold, Duck Egg, Midnight Blue, Sapphire Blue
Middle: Maroon, British Racing Green, Forest Green, Chocolate, Rich Tan, Tobacco, Black
Bottom: White, Pewter Grey, Blackberry, Azure Blue.

Please note that the appearance of colours varies between screens and also between dye lots as the leathers are a natural product.

If you would like further advice on choosing your leather, or other bespoke options, please get in touch: or call Susan the bookbinder on +44 (0)7748 759 371

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Bespoke Service: Thread

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When you commission a bespoke Journal / Sketchbook, Memory or Wedding Guest Book you have 26 wonderful colours of Irish Linen thread to choose from, from muted natural tones to bright bursts of colour. So it's easy to co-ordinate with your colour scheme, home decor, corporate identity or simply choose a colour combination that pleases you. 

Rust, Coral, Orange, Yellow Irish linen thread for bespoke books

Black, Grey, White

Sherbet, Pale Green, Magenta.

Update March 2016: Maroon is also available, image coming soon. ,

Check out your bespoke leather options here and why not browse the online store where you'll find inspiration from many books based on colour themes requested from previous bespoke clients. 

Do get in touch so we can talk about making a book especially for you!

Susan Green 
+44 (0) 7748 759 371

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Bespoke Service: strap, fob or thong?

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You have 3 closure options to finish off your bespoke leather book.


In the same colour as the book's leather covers, straps wind around the book and are held in place by a discreet leather buckle. Ideal for any kind of book, especially Memory Books.

Example on an A4 Sketchbook in Crimson.

Crimson Sketchbook with strap closure


Ideal for Journals or Sketchbooks (but not Memory Books) These quick close magnetic snaps double up as a handy penholder. In the same leather as the book covers, but contrasting colours are available on request - please enquire for current availability. 

Peach Journal with penholder

Example on an A6 Peach Journal

Peach and Aqua hand made journal with fob


Ideal for any kind of book, available in Neutral, Tan, Dark Brown, Navy and Black, they are narrower than the leather straps. Other colours may be available on request - please do enquire.

Wedding Guest Book thong closureExample on an A5 Wedding Guest Book in White & Neutral

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your options, have any queries or would like to order a bespoke book bound especially for you. 

Susan Green


Tel: +44 (0)7748 759 371


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Bespoke Service: Title Pages

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Personalise your bespoke book with a dedication, quotation or similar on the title page.

The text is typically centered on the page and sized appropriately. If you will be adding a photograph to the title page, ask me to position the text at the top or bottom of the page. 

Choose from the following fonts to suit the purpose of your book and style of your occasion:

Contemporary fontEngraved font for memorial albums and condolence booksCalligraphy style fontScript style fontOrnate font for wedding stationery

Example of Ornate on a Wedding Guest Book, A5.

Personalised Wedding Guest Book with Ornate font.

 Example of Contemporary font on an A5 portrait title page: 


If you require a specific font to match the rest of your stationery collection, this is usually possible for a small fee. 

To order your bespoke book or discuss your requirements, do get in touch:

Susan Green
+44 (0) 7748 759 371

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Bespoke Service: Size

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Choose from 3 sizes, either portrait or landscape format.

A4 Extra Large

The most popular option for Memory Books and Wedding Guest Books, usually in landscape format, although portrait is available on request. A4 is available in the calfskin range of leather. Price: £199

Landscape format (reverse for portrait):
Height: 8.5 inches or 215 mm

Width: 12 inches or 305 mm

A5 Large

Also very good for Memory Books and Guest Books in landscape format, it makes a great Journal or Sketchbook in portrait format. A5 is available in any of the leather ranges. Price £129 for Memory / £119 for Journal binding.

Landscape format (reverse for portrait):
Height: 6 inches or 155 mm

Width: 8.5 inches or 215 mm

A6 Medium

A compact size that's good in landscape format for intimate weddings or funerals and as a sketchbook, or in portrait format as a journal that's a really easy size to carry around with you. Price: £99 for Memory / £90 for Journal binding.

Landscape format (reverse for portrait):
Height: 4.5 inches or 105 mm 

Width: 6 inches or 155 mm 

Click here to see the rest of your bespoke options, or get in touch if you'd like to discuss your requirements.

Susan Green
+44 (0) 7748 759 371


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Size Guide
Memory Books, Guest Books, Condolence Books, Journals and Sketchbooks

All dimensions indicate external dimensions of the closed book. Memory Books have 128 pages of heavy paper & spacers for inclusions; Guest Books, Journals & Sketchbooks have Mohawk Superfine Smooth 118gsm paper, usually 192 pages unless otherwise indicated in the product listing. Pagination can be adjusted a little for bespoke books, speciality artists' papers on request.

A4 Large Portrait 12 inches or 305 mm 8.5 inches or 215 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A4 Large Landscape 8.5 inches or 215 mm 12 inches or 305 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A5 Medium Landscape 6 inches or 155 mm 8.5 inches or 215 mm 1.5 inches or 38 mm
A5 Medium Portrait 8.5 inches or 215 mm 6 inches or 155 mm 1.5 inches or 35 mm
A6 Small Landscape 4.5 inches or 114 mm 6 inches or 155 mm 1 inch or 25 mm
A6 Small Portrait 6 inches or 155 mm 4.5 inches or 114 mm 1 inch or 25 mm
Miniature Journals

96 pages of Mohawk Superfine 118gsm paper

 One Size 3 inches or 76 mm 2.25 inches or 60 mm 20 mm or 0.75 inches
Simple Wrap Journals

60 pages of 130 gsm paper

 One Size 6 inches or 148 mm approx.  4.5 inches or 108 mm approx. 20 mm or 0.75 inches
Paperback Notebooks

With Mohawk Superfine 118gsm paper

 A4 Large 297 mm or 11.5 inches approx. 205mm or 8.25 inches approx. 64 pages
A5 Medium 210 mm or 5.75 inches approx. 145 mm or 5.75 inches approx. 56 pages
A6 Small  150 mm or 6 inches approx. 100 mm or 4 inches approx. 48 pages
A7 Pocket 106 mm or 4.25 inches approx. 72 mm or 2.75 inches approx. 40 pages
Accordion Books

8 pages of Mohawk heavy paper

A5 Medium Portrait TBC
A6 Small Landscape